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Good mates.

IMG_4646In Australia we have a tradition of mateship. This came from Australian troops facing hardships in war zones in times past and present.It might have even come from earlier times in our convict colony. Our mates are like family for us. You always stand by them 100%.

When chasing quarry on land or the sea one of the best things you can do is share it with mates. From securing a beautiful fish or a trophy deer to sharing the spoils over a beer or bottle of wine. They are there to share in the stalk, congratulate you afterwards, help carry it out and then feature in the photos and memories of a special time.

Hunting with mates can also add a safety aspect. I can think of numerous times I have been thankful to have one or two there with me to get my bum out out of a hairy situation whether it was crossing a river or clambering around on a cliff face.
I’m lucky enough to have several great mates. We are always just as happy to see each other succeed as much as securing a big fish or trophy ourselves.

Next time you’re out and about and are getting a pat on the back, a high five or just sitting together looking over a valley with your binoculars, be thankful you are sharing it with great mate!

Mates are there to help carry the meat and have a beer with you afterwards.

Mates are there to help carry the meat and have a beer with you afterwards.


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