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Outfit selection is important!

I often criticise my wife at how long it takes for her to choose an outfit for when we are going out somewhere. Multiple changes, double and even triple cross references are made to see if i “like” it. I am pretty sure that every man goes through the same thing.

It was not until recently that i realised a bit of a role reversal with the “outfit choice”

My wife and i had just arrived at our hunting destination and we had timed it perfect to pull up, get ready and go for a look. I dug through my bottomless gear bag, pulling out multiple different prints, fabrics and cuts of camo clothing i had bought with us. I assessed the weather, got ready, then re-assessed and got changed, all the while cross referencing with my now impatient wife who just wanted to go stretch the legs and get some fresh air. What had i become???

It is critically important to think about what you are going to where when out hunting. Aspects you should consider are:

  • Camouflage colours – does it blend in well with your intended hunting environment
  • Thickness – Is it going to get cold/hot
  • Layers – Will you need the ability to be able to dump layers if hot, or add layers if the weather changes
  • Does the material breathe – No point trying to stay cool and dry on the outside if you are soaking wet from sweat underneath
  • Durability – Is the material going to get snagged on every bush you past, or rip halfway through your hunt
  • Legality – Do you need to wear a certain colour to meet regulations

The above points are what i basically consider when choosing what to wear on a hunt. . . . . This probably explains my wife’s frustration above.

Andy sporting some of his latest camo attire

Andy sporting some of his latest camo attire

Camo clothing 2

Alex showing just how well some patterns will blend in with the surroundings


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