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My husband is a hunter – my take on hunting

A partners perspective on hunting. Written by my wife Cat.


My husband is a hunter. There – I said it. For those of you not in Australia, unfortunately admitting something like that can be difficult here, especially in the cities. Guns and hunters have had some bad press in the past few years, not helped along by the media and the Greens. There is a perception out there that all hunters are irresponsible, intellectually inferior, blood thirsty, red-neck psychos, and that they’re out there shooting native animals for fun.

This image could not be further from the truth with the hunters that I’ve met. If people even bothered to talk to a hunter they’d find a bunch of law-abiding conservationists (that’s right – it’s not a typo!) who are out there trying to restore the ecological diversity of Australian fauna. All of them have registered firearms that are kept safely as per regulations. They all hunt on legal…

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