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Simply Squid

I had dabbled here and there chasing squid, not really with any great success. That was until squid addict Michael Takach took me under his wing and showed me how easy squidding actually was.

Mike large squid Squid head profile

A couple of trips later and I will admit it “I am a squid-aholic”. There is something I just cant quite put my finger on as to why it is so satisfying catching squid. I am not sure if it’s the delicious meal you get rewarded with, the simple pleasure of harvesting the squid from the wild or the vivid colours and patterns that squid display when freshly caught – I am not sure, but I am addicted.

Translucent squid

A couple of key tips that I have learnt from Michael I will pass on here to help all who read this on their quest to fresh squid:

  1. Be dedicated to squid – If you want to catch squid, you have to put the time and effort in and chase them. In the past I used to make 20 or so casts and if no squid, move on or switch to chase something else. I have learnt that perseverance is the key. You are not going to catch many squid spinning plastics for flathead!
  2. Vary your jigs – Squid seem to be quite particular. Some days they like big pink jigs, the next small green ones. Change them around until you find you are catching squid. Then when the bite drops off, change again and you might be back onto them, without even having to change locations
  3. Location – Squid love weed, enough said. Kelp beds and ribbon weed beds will hold squid. Work the areas well with fanned out casts and long drifts (if in a boat)
  4. Snags and lost jigs – This is the downside and often-costly one to. If you are not getting snagged, dragging in weed or loosing the occasional jig, then you are not fishing close enough to the bottom and are probably not pulling in squid either. Squid hunt the weed beds, this is where their prey shelters from them, therefore, this is where your jigs need to be

Alex large squidSquid fresh from water

So, what do you do with your squid once you have caught them? Well there is a WHOLE LOAD of information on the internet and a few recipes will be posted, but in short, squid are good anyway you like them – Raw, fried, baked, whole, sliced, rings, pies, stir fries, the list goes on.

Fried rings Rings on plate




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