catch it, clean it, cook it

Trout Time

2.5 hours drive from Sydney and you can be in some prime trout fishing locations where trophy trout can be encountered. I was sceptical of this verbal advice, however some solid Google research revealed a whole network of creeks, rivers and dams accessible within a leisurely drive from Sydney.

Thompsons Creek Dam

Regulations were checked and my father and myself made the easy drive out to a dam about 20 minutes from Lithgow, west of Sydney.

Thompsons Creek Dam (TCD) is a trophy trout dam, this means that it is land based only, and lures and flies are only allowed. I figured with my lack of experience (and trout gear) this would make it a semi level playing field.

The wind was blowing hard when we were there, added to this the near zero temps and a light sprinkling of rain, made it all quite a cold adventure, but the fresh air and challenge was a great change from the rat race of Sydney on a Saturday morning.

After a few lure changes I managed to get my first trout ever on a lure, a nice little rainbow trout of 35cm. A perfect eating size.

Alex trout

A couple of hours and several hundred casts later and I managed to get another nice little rainbow at around 30cm.

Beautiful little rainbow trout

We didn’t encounter the trophy fish that are known to be lurking in TCD, but we had a good adventure all the same and came home with a feed which was the plan all along.

I scaled and pan-fried the trout whole, filling it with sliced lemon, parsley and dill. I seasoned and cooked with a little olive oil and butter, about 6mins a side – it was sensational!

Trout GH Cooked trout


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