catch it, clean it, cook it

A Chance Catch. Lemon Myrtle Smoked Tailor

This morning I was towing a heavy old tub up the Harbour to a new mooring. As I passed under the Harbour Bridge a school of fish started feeding off the port bow. I quickly grabbed a rod and cast a lure into the churning water. One crank of the handle and I was on! Line started peeling off the light outfit. With one hand working the throttles and wheel, the other holding the rod I slowed the tow vessel. 3 tonnes of barnacle encrusted tub came careering towards my stern. Two ferries incoming needed to be avoided as well while keeping the towline out of my props. I had a feeling it was a Tailor I had hooked and I was right. With slack jawed tourists looking on a few extra arms would have helped greatly. After a short tussle he joined me in the boat and was dispatched. He had a date with the hot smoker for afternoon tea. They say men can’t multitask. I beg to differ.
Once home I ripped off some lemon myrtle leaves and branches from my tree. This went into the small stainless smoker with red cedar sawdust. Quick hot smoke and with the skin peeled back it turned out moist and flaky.
Tailor isn’t loved by everyone but I personally think its great. Just needs to be treated right. Fresh is the key. The Harbour can be a great office sometimes. Catching a feed under the big coat hanger is pretty sweet. Always something going on to keep me interested.

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