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The original Gourmet Hunters - Andy and Alex

The original Gourmet Hunters – Andy and Alex

The Gourmet Hunters idea was dreamt up in in 2010 on a hunting trip by Andy Wilson and Alex Taffs. Both of us and many of our friends and associates are keen and passionate outdoorsmen. From hunting the hills to diving the depths and everything in between. We have been lucky enough to taste some of the finest wild foods Australia has to offer. In 2011 it was decided we need to have a red hot go at this concept. We have always believed in respecting the animal you take by ensuring a humane kill and utilising as much of it as possible.
In this day an age of fast food, processed products and mass produced foods we want to portray the benefits of getting out there yourself and obtaining your own natural foods. Not only will your taste buds benefit your health will as well.

Many people in todays society are removed from the source of their food. We want to rebuild that bridge and show it can be selectively, safely and humanely taken for the table.

We will be adding frequent youtube videos with hunting, processing and cooking tips. Guests will also feature in their areas of expertise. We also ask for and appreciate your contribution to the page.

So join up , contribute and come along for the ride.

Andy and Alex

P.S. Please feel free to share, reblog, and comment, however please do not steal our words or take credit for them. All articles on this site are copyrighted to

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