catch it, clean it, cook it

Spectacular Light Changes

One of the things I love most about hunting is the spectacular sunrises and sunsets you get to experience. They can vary so much due to several factors. Dust, bush … Continue reading

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Shooting, not just with the rifle

I find myself more and more these days shooting with the camera rather than the rifle. Sure i still like to harvest free range game, but there is something special … Continue reading

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Sight for sore eyes

Chital are a beautiful deer. They originated from India. They have been relocated to several countries throughout the world. Even though they are not pursued by the tiger and leopard … Continue reading

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On the tops.

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Good mates.

In Australia we have a tradition of mateship. This came from Australian troops facing hardships in war zones in times past and present.It might have even come from earlier times … Continue reading

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Getting your carcass home.

When Alex and I first started hunting for meat seriously we were very limited in the amount of meat we could bring home. We had Ice Boxes that could take … Continue reading

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Gathering food while you can.

In my job I am lucky enough to work on the beautiful Sydney Harbour. My work varies from towing broken down boats to diving underneath them at all hours of … Continue reading

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